We Buy Houses Phoenix ‘As Is’ And Fast! – Need Our Help?

At BuyMyHome.com we buy houses Phoenix on ‘as is’ basis.

We appreciate that the process of liquidating a huge asset as your house can be a long, protracted, and often time a fruitless process.

Typically, selling a house entails a great deal of protracted and often times expensive processes.

For starters, homeowners have to prepare their house for an ever competitive property market.

As such, they have to conduct extensive repair and value additions to their property, all in an effort to attract prospective buyers.

However, this tends to be quite expensive and time consuming for property owners, especially in cases where time of the essence.

Additionally, due to the ultra-competitive state of the property market, even after extensively preparing your house for the property market, it is not a guarantee that you will find a buyer in good time.

You may also find it difficult to find a buyer willing to meet your asking price.

These are all the things that we consider extensively. Buy My home appreciates the importance of having the ability to liquidate your Phoenix home while ensuring as little fuss as possible.

We fully appreciate that it is important to sell your house within a time frame that you desire. More importantly, we fully appreciate that it important to property owner receiving a fair valuation of their property and the same time getting money’s worth in any deal where they sell their property.

Thus, while we buy houses Phoenix ‘as is’ and fast, we also ensure that we do right by our clients.

Our Process Of Home Purchase

Unlike the traditional process of liquidating property assets, our process is an intricately crafted process that more than anything else, easy for our clients to follow.

Importantly, our purchasing process is adaptable to a wide variety of properties. As a testament to the adaptability of our purchasing process, consider this; Buy My Home has served clients selling properties with a valuation of as little as $20,000 to properties valued as high as $4,000,000+.

Our transaction process involves begins with clients submitting their information for a proper evaluation. At this stage, the clients provide all the requisite information about the property that they want to liquidate. Some of the pertinent information that is required includes the property address.

Additionally, we provide a questionnaire to further our understanding of the property. However, when it comes to valuation of the property, we look to the market to determine the current market value of your homes.

Once our clients have submitted the questionnaire and other necessary information, we conduct extensive research on property in question.

We also work with an independent property valuation models and make use of the latest and greatest valuation algorithms to come up with a range of offers. At this point, we give our contingent offers.

Thereafter, we set a time to meet and physically inspect the house to confirm the details and condition of the house. Furthermore, at this time, we provide a written offer and discuss the process of the purchase.

We also set a time for you to work with the title/escrow company. The next step is set the time for you to move out. On our part, we work with involved companies to ensure a smooth process, making the process easy on your part.

You should note that when we say that we purchase properties on as is basis, we mean those exact words. We have served clients whose property had extensive flood damage, fire damage, roof issues and much more.

We believe that no Phoenix property owner should a lot of money just so he or she could sell off a property. As such, with our services, our clients can avoid long and expensive repairs.

Why You Should Liquidate Your Asset With Us

The most obvious reason you should be our client is that we buy houses Phoenix ‘as is’.

You need not worry about the state of your house when you sell it to us.

However, there are other benefits to selling to us. For instance, we are very experienced players in the property market.

We also work with utmost honesty and we are ready and will to answer to any of your queries 24/7.

Finally, our transactions work perfectly for people looking for an expedited sale.


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